About Tunis Business School

1.1.   Mandate

Tunis Business School (TBS) at the University of Tunis was officially established on October 25th, 2010 (decree n°2755 of October 25th, 2010).  It is the first and only public business institution in Tunisia using English as the main language of instruction and following the US higher education Academic system. 

The launch of this institution is in tune with government efforts to boost the Tunisian economy, to improve competitive standards, and to develop off-shore activities and industries. 

The mission of TBS covers:

  • Education: TBS provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to build a successful career and to become effective leaders and managers in the global environment.
  • Research: TBS develops, enhances, and disseminates new and innovative management knowledge.
  • Outreach: TBS imparts knowledge and new management skills to the business community to maintain standards of excellence and to drive future strategies.


1.2.   Innovative Institution

Challenges facing business management are continuously changing.  Tunis Business School is committed to developing innovative skills and resources to provide the knowledge needed by individuals, business actors, and institutions to succeed in the evolving international arena.

Tunis Business School is a new institution at the University of Tunis and offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  The curriculum covers the following specializations: accounting, business analytics, finance, global affairs, information technology, and marketing.

1.3.   International Standards of Education

All academic programs at TBS are taught in English and make use of the most recent information technologies.  TBS is currently working in partnership with a network of universities, especially from the United States of America.

Following the example of known and renowned business schools, the teaching methods combine several approaches including:

  • Case studies
  • Business simulation
  • Skills-based approach
  • Experiential learning
  • Laddering

Tunis Business School is also committed to the process of accreditation of diplomas in line with the standards of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

1.4.   Mission Statement


Our vision is to (i) create and sustain a learning environment that empowers students to grow their capabilities, (ii) deliver programs that prepare students for professional careers in management, and (iii) prepare students to be innovative, ethical, responsible global leaders who make a difference in their professions and in their communities.


We will continue to be recognized for the competence of its students.  Through excellence in scholarly education, innovative research, and relevant outreach, we are committed to the advancement of knowledge and preparation of future leaders to the global business environment.

1.4.3.Strategic Focus



We focus on the development of values-centered leaders with an effective mindset.


We recognize the importance of a supportive environment conducive to teaching and research that encourages team work as well as respect for individual contributions.

Business community

We incorporate the expertise of the business community in research and teaching which enhances our ability to deliver quality programs

Academic, Scholarly and Professional Activities

  • Education :TBS is dedicated to offering quality education through innovative programs which provide theoretical frameworks and real-world learning experiences.                           
  • Research TBS aims to increase knowledge and disseminate new and effective management procedures. It strives to produce high-quality, innovative research relevant to policy makers, academics, and practitioners. It aims to compete successfully with recognized benchmark schools and to encourage its faculty to serve on the editorial boards of highly regarded academic research and professional journals.
  • OutreachTBS actively participates in supporting the needs and requirements of the business community, in leadership roles and in membership of the national and international professions by delivering knowledge and new management skills to maintain standards of excellence.
1.4.4.Core values
  • Uncompromised integrity
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Leadership
  • Lifelong learning
  • Excellence